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Happy New Year - We are back from Holidays - give us a call.
Happy New Year - We are back from Holidays - give us a call.

Strand VN ceiling daylight sensor

by Strand
SKU 63060CM
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VISION.NET Occupancy sensors provide energy saving lighting controls for your facility. Sensors easily integrate into any VISION.NET architectural control system, providing direct control of VISION.NET compatible dimmers and low voltage relay switching systems. The VISION.NET Photocell Daylighting Sensor is a low-voltage daylighting sensor that measures changes in ambient light and controls its connected lighting loads according to the user’s programming. The unit is able to decipher minor changes in light levels (such as passing cloud cover, intermittent shadowing, etc.) to prevent unwanted or inadvertent light cycling.

Photocell Daylight Sensor Features

  • Detects and identifies pre-programmed ambient daylight levels to turn on lights when needed, and to prevent them from turning on when the ambient daylight is above a certain level
  • Upon detection of a pre-programmed daylight set point, the sensor may be programmed to execute any command across the architectural control network
  • User-friendly programming unit is available to configure the sensor without the use of ladders
  • “Laser Painting,” a sensor with the laser pointer built into the remote, provides accurate sensor selection for programming
  • Sensor can be programmed with a laptop PC as well as with a remote
  • Status LEDs facilitate sensor programming
  • Each sensor can be programmed to execute any system command