ANSI Codes are 3-letter codes assigned by the American National Standards Institute. They provide a system for assuring mechanical and electrical interchangeability among similarly coded lamps of various manufacturers. The letters have no rational meaning other than to identify the lamp dimensional, electrical and photometric characteristics that are on file with ANSI. GE uses the assigned ANSI 3-letter Codes as Order Codes for Photo Lamps. Some GE lamps have a multiple code (examples: BFL/BFK, DYS/DYV/BHC). The first code is the official ANSI code, but the lamp also meets or exceeds the described characteristics for the other code(s), and may be used to replace lamps of either code.

LIF Codes are assigned by the Lighting Federation of London, U.K. They ensure electrical and mechanical interchangeability of similarly coded lamps. LIF codes are divided into groups according to the primary application of the lamps. Prefix codes are: 
A Designed for projectors, some used in raylight reflectors, martin moving mirror effects. 
CP Designed for use with tungsten balanced film stock at 3200K, single-ended lamp for use in Fresnel/ ellipsoidal luminaires. 
P1 Use with 3200K film stock, open face luminaires and video sun guns. 
P2 Use with 3400K film stock. 
T Designed for theatres. Colour temperature generally around 3000K. 

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