RoscoView Soft Polariser

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56" (1.42M) Wide x Linear Foot (300mm)

RoscoView is a 1 stop Linear Polarizer soft film, that can be applied to windows.

  • You can instantly compensate for changes in the daylight exposure as seen through the windows
  • Reduce studio down-time, no more change out of filter, increase shooting time
  • Great for areas where it is difficult to re-apply filter regularly
  • More economical for larger window surfaces
  • Any size window can be accommodated by seaming two or more pieces together

RoscoView works well when all windows are on a single plane and provides consistent adjustment of the exterior exposure. Should a window be curved, or an off angle window such as a bay be covered with the filter, the effect will be different than that portion of the image plane for which the effect was adjusted. 

RoscoView has an entire system available and their polariser is available in acrylic panels as well as this soft film.

Rosco Code 101074005601

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