Rosco Supergel 389 Chroma Green

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Rosco™s range of high-temp (HT), flame-retardant colour filters

Supergel is regarded as one of the most widely used colour filter ranges in the world. It is comprised of more than 75 colors and 15 diffusions that are engineered using Rosco™s exclusive body-colored, polycarbonate extrusion process to offer the longest possible life under hot theatrical and film/TV light fixtures. This unique manufacturing process also provides Supergel with unsurpassed heat-resistance, colour-stability and flame-retardancy.

600mm wide Gel Filter

Roscolux Supergel Gel comes in sheets 600mm x 500mm.

Available in full rolls to order. (600mm x7.62M)

Effect:  Suggests reflected light from dense foliage. A brilliant cyc lighting color which will work for chroma-keying effects in television production (Transmission = 40%).