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Philips Selecon Lamp Socket Assemblies

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LAMP SOCKET ASSEMBLIES - replacement for:

Order Code Description
ACCFRPCLS Lamp Socket Assembly GY 9.5 for Acclaim Fresnel & PC 500 - 650W luminaires.
ACCPCLS Old version Lamp Socket Assembly GY 9.5 for Acclaim PC 500W - 650W manf. before April 2007.
ACCXLS GY 9.5 for Acclaim Axial 500W - 650W luminaires.
ASTFRLS G 12 for Astral Fresnel luminaires.
ACCZSLS GY9.5 for Acclaim Zoomspot luminaires
ASTXLS G 12 for Astral Axial luminaires.
RAFRLS GX 9.5 for Rama Fresnel luminaires.
RAPCLS GX 9.5 for Rama PC luminaires.
RAFRG22LS G 22 for Rama Fresnel luminaires.
RAPCG22LS G 22 for Rama PC luminaires.
1200FRLS GX 9.5 for 1200 Fresnel luminaires.
1200PCLS GX 9.5 for 1200 PC luminaires.
AREFRGY16LS GY 16 for Arena Fresnel luminaires.
AREPCGY16LS GY 16 for Arena PC luminaires.
AREZSGY16LS GY 16 for Arena Zoomspot luminaires.
AREFRG22LS G 22 for Arena Fresnel luminaires. 
AREPCG22LS G 22 for Arena PC luminaires.
AREZSG22LS G 22 for Arena Zoomspot luminaires.
ACCYCLS Set of 2 for Acclaim Cyc/Flood range.
AURCYCLS Set of 2 for Aurora range.
HUICYCLS Set of 2 for Hui / Lui Cyc & Flood.
ARLELE027 AS lampbase 989 GY 6.5 for MR16 lamps - Aureol / Accent range.
PAC6LMLS G 9.5 - 600W / 800W Pacific lamp module - blue handle.
PAC1LMLS GY 9.5 - 1000W Pacific lamp module - red handle.
PACMSRILS MSR high voltage GX 9.5 - Pacific MSRI lamp module (PACELE017).
PACMSRHRLS MSR Hot Restrike G22 - Pacific HR MSR lamp module.