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Acclaim PC 4°-64°

The Acclaim PC is a 575w/650w general purpose PC (110mm diameter lens) for theatre and display lighting. This produces a well-defined beam of light with a crisper edge than a Fresnel, that is easily blended with adjacent beams to provide even illumination. The Acclaim PC is built Selecon tough from aluminium extrusion and moulded engineering plastics – robust, dependable, safe and easy to rig – backed by the unique Selecon 3-year warranty for entertainment fixtures.


• Up to 50% more light output than comparative PCs

• A wide range of beam angles from 4°-64°

• Integrated safety bond, rated for the fitting; maximum free length = 650mm

• Light texturing on the rear of the lens obscures filament imaging, retaining the characteristic PC beam clarity

• Improved filter life through increased airflow

• Cooler focus operation due to the use of engineering plastics on front (colour frame mount) and rear

• Adjustable yoke balance point

• ‘Swing-down’ side door for easy access to lamp or for cleaning. Micro-switch automatically isolates the mains power supply when opened. Lamps are quickly and safely removed using ejector mechanism

• Lamp life is enhanced through judder-free focus action of the captive lamp/reflector assembly which moves on Teflon-coated bearings

• Heat-insulated rear grab-handle which doubles as handy storage for the 1m cable length

• New barndoor design, cool to focus maintaining settings through unique hinge tension design - retro-fittable

• Focusing is fast and safe using the large rear grab handle and heat protected focus knob and filter holder

Available in Black and White

Order Code : 12ACPCMS black 12ACPCMSWH white

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