NET-8/5 - 8 Universe Artnet/SACN node, 5p XLR

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Showtec NET-8/5 - 8 Universe Artnet/SACN node, 5p XLR

The Showtec NET-8/3 and NET-8/5 nodes are cutting-edge network routing devices which convert ArtNET to DMX512 and back. A maximum of 4096 channels can be transported over a single CAT5. This makes the NET-8/x suitable for small to large scale events. The NET-8/x embeds a built-in network switch to allow it to be used as a Ethernet repeater as well as 8 isolated DMX-512 universes which can be used as a input or output. All settings can be done by the easy-to-use menu on the graphic display and buttons on the front.

Settings can also be arranged via the webbrowser possibility, which gives you (remote) access through your computer or laptop and your network. Default login account: Admin, password: Admin.

  • Supports ArtNET, sACN or KlingNET protocol
  • 1Gbps data speed
  • 8 universes DMX input or output
  • High Speed Network in and output
  • Webbrowser connection
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Configuration examples  
- ArtNet to 8x DMX output  
- 8x DMX input to ArtNet  
- Split 1 DMX input into 7 isolated DMX outputs  
- Split 2x DMX input into 2x3 isolated DMX outputs  
- Clone 4 DMX inputs to 4x DMX output and Artnet  
- HTP/LTP Merge 2x ArtNet to DMX output  
- HTP/LTP Merge 2x DMX input to DMX output  
- HTP/LTP Merge DMX input and ArtNet to DMX output  
Network 2x RJ45
DMX 8x 3-pin XLR
Power Pro Power Connector
Supported protocols