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Happy New Year - We are back from Holidays - give us a call.
Happy New Year - We are back from Holidays - give us a call.

Dedolight "Micro" Master Kit, 3x 40w Bi-Color DLED3-BI Turbo LED Focusing Lights, with DP1S Projector

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"Micro" Master Kit, 3x 40w Bi-Color DLED3-BI Turbo LED Focusing Lights, with DP1S Projector

Don't let the name fool you; there is nothing "micro" about the creative potential of this kit other than how much space it takes up. Simply put, there is nothing which compares to how much you can accomplish with the SLT-3-BI-S "micro" kit in it's class. Along with the three 40w DLED3-BI, bi-color light heads and their DT3-BI-BAT DC ballasts, each light comes with standard accessories like barn doors and light shield rings. Chances are that you don't already have a DP1S imaging projector, so this kit comes with one, along with and a set of "S" size gobos needed to make it start working creatively out of the box. With soft boxes and stands you have great creative flexibility with what kind of look you need on any given set-up. This single kit is compact enough to travel as a carry-on item. No matter the subject of style of production, you have a serious creative weapon with this little kit.Â


  • 3 - DLED3-BI Turbo - 40W, focusing LED bi-color light heads
  • 3 - DT3-BI-BAT - DC dimmable ballasts, Input 11 - 18V DC.
  • 3 - DDCC-DTAPS - Adapter cables, 28 cm / 11" with Anton Bauer connector
  • 3 - DBDS8 - Standard 8-leaf barn doors for DLED3 lights
  • 1 - DP1S - Universal projection attachment/imager with 60mm lens
  • 1 - DPGHS - Gobo holder
  • 1 - DPGSETS - 6 Gobo set for DP1S imager
  • 2 - DSBSXS - dedoflex mini soft box
  • 2 - DLGRIDXS - Grid (40°), egg crate for mini soft box
  • 2 - DLSR67 - Speed ring for DSBSXS mini soft box
  • 3 - DLPS12-60 - Mains power supply for DT3-BI-BATÂ ballasts
  • 3 - DLPS12-EXT5 - Extension cable for 12V power supply, 5m long
  • 1 - DSCS - Soft case, small
  • 1 - SDSTM3 - Micro light stand kit with 3x DSTM stands and 2x DSTFX40 - flexible arms
  • 1 - DSCSTM3 - soft bag for stands

Size: 53 x 24 x 23 (20.9“ x 9.5“ x 9.1“)

Weight: 8.4 kg (18.5 lbs)Â

Color Temperature Continuous - 2700-6500k
Power 40w (constant to all active diodes)
Focusing Range 50°- 8° (1:7) - Double Helix focusing control, moves body and head away from one another with 3/4 turns (light ratio becomes 1:55 with the optional DLWASR wide-angle aspheric lens which takes the flood to over of 85°)
Cooling Active - silent fan
Mounting Dual 5/8" (16mm), vertical or horizontal receivers mounting
Operating Position Any position
Accessory Holder 2.3" (58mm) - "S Size"
Safety Protection Class III, SLEV, IP20
Weight 16.8oz (1.8lb)
UV No UV radiation

Use the integrated 0.5mm Mini jack connector (10.8 - 18 V DC) to connect your DC or AC adapter power source. For AC, try the DLPS12-60 power supply (not included). Head cable is integrated in ballast. Kit comes with mini-jack to D-tap adapter cables.

100-0%, continuous
Max Power
Power Supply
0.5mm Mini jack connector for DC or AC supply (D-Tap cable included)
Input Voltage 10.8 - 18 V DC, 4.2 - 2.5A
Color Control
Continuous 2700-6500k
Weight 16.8oz (1.8lb)
Size 5.6 x 2.8 x 2“ (143 x 72 x 50 mm)