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Martin Jem R365 Haze Fluid

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JEM R365 Haze Fluid is a highly-advanced, water-based fluid formula specifically designed for use in the JEM Ready 365 Hazer. Ready 365 Haze fluid produces the longest hang time, finest and densest haze particles in its class. The R365 Haze effect generated has superior uniformity and produces a very even haze field with no visible atmospheric distortions. R365 Fluid is specially designed to highlight beam, mid-air light effects, projections and lasers without drawing attention to the hazer source.

  • Water-based formula, leaves little or no residue
  • Finest and densest haze particles in its class
  • Produced with ultra-pure, de-ionized water
  • Superior hang time and optical clarity
  • Available in various size containers
  • For use in the JEM Ready 365 Haze machine

R365 Haze Fluid is available in 9.5L bottles.

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