Lowel Omni-light (O1-10)

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The wide focusing range of the Omni-light makes it a flexible key or back-light. Add diffusion or an umbrella, and it's a soft fill source. Swap the power cord & lamp and it becomes a battery powered, hand-held light. Available with a host of accessories and built for heavy duty long life, the popular Omni is the perfect companion to the Tota.

Multi-use, tungsten halogen source. 

Double parabolic, peened reflector provides non-crossover beam for maximum efficiency and gel life.

  • Watts: 650, 500 & 300 at 220/240v,
  • Focus range - 6:1 with #1 reflector & FTK lamp.
  • Quick-change super-spot accessory reflector for exeptionally long throws at all voltages
  • Protective front screen must always be used

Omni Light

Code: O1-10
Weight: 2.6 lbs (1.18 kg)
With Standard #1 reflector, Protective Screen and 16' Cable (less lamp). 

 ​Recommended lamp Osram 64686 DYR (650W)