Kupo Parcan Par64 Silver

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Our par 64 Par cans from Kupo are made to NZ specifications and come with a parsafe cover over the lamp holder that earths to the shell.

The classic and functional form of ParCans have been established in the
Rock’n Roll world. Kupo ParCan is manufactured from high quality spun
aluminum for maximum durability.

- Aircraft Grade Rivets
- Spring Loaded 4th Gel Clip
- Gel Clip 1.8 mm Thick
- Barrel 1.5 mm Thick
- Innovative Yoke Locking Device
- PG11 Strain Relief with UL, CSA, VDE Approval
- Rolled Lip on Focus Hole
- Safety Wire
- Yoke Smooth Surface 32 mm Wide
- Supplied with Square Colour Frame

This fitting can take your choice of 1000w lamp
- Extra Wide Flood 
- Wide flood
- Medium flood
- Narrow spot
- Very Narrow Spot

Available in Silver and Black.