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We're more than a Webstore - Call with your queries, we're happy to help

Kino Flo 6' 800ma KF32 T12 SFC

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Kino Flo 6' 800ma KF32 T12 SFC


Traditionally, 6ft and 8ft High Output lamps come with a Recessed Double Cathode. In order to use the 6ft and 8ft lamps with Kino Flo's Locking Lamp Connector, Kino Flo's lamps have a standard bi-pin configuration. If the lamps are to be used for swapping out existing fixtures on location, a removable adapter can be used.

It's important to know that the True Match daylight and tungsten 6ft tubes and 8ft tubes common on sets around the world are unique to Kino Flo because they display broad, even, color-correct light that cinematographers have come to depend on. These are the only high color rendering fluorescent lamps made for the professional film and video production.

All True Match lamps used in the Mega 4Bank fixture are available safety-coated. Safety-coating protects the user from broken glass if the tube breaks. The lamps can operate independent of the fixture allowing them to be built into sets or custom soft boxes or hand-held.

TRUE MATCH lamp color is uniquely formulated by Kino Flo® to match the spectral sensitivity curves of film and digital imaging equipment. High output tungsten and daylight versions (CRI 95) are available in sizes that range from nine inches to eight feet, and yet the quality stays consistent within the True Match line. They are soft, energy efficient and cool to the touch. True Match lamps work side by side on the set with traditional tungsten and HMI fixtures without filtration.

All fluorescent lamps require some "burn in" time before they operate at their rated Kelvin temperature and brightness. For dimming products, the lamps perform best after 100 hours of operation.


Description: 6ft Kino 800ma KF32 SFC

Type: F100/T12/HO

Length: 72” (1800mm)

Diameter: 1.5” (38mm)

Nominal Base: G13 Med Bipin

Wattage: 100

Lumens: 4720

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