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Kino Flo 482-S10-S Lamp Super Blue 4' Safety Coated Tube

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Base: G13 Medium Bi Pin

Wattage: 65W


Colour Temp: Super Blue 420nm



Avg. Lifespan: 

Beam Angle: 

Common Fittings: 4' KinoFlo fittings, including Select, Image, Flathead and Wall-o-Lite

Product features

  • 4ft Sylvania 420 Blue SFC equivalent to 488-K10-S
  • Kino Flo’s specially formulated blue and green screen lamps provide deep, rich saturation of color when lighting blue and green screens.  
    The phosphor inside each lamp produces a desired color, measured in nanometers (nm) at the highest point in the energy level.  

    The lamps along with Kino Flo’s soft cool fixtures with manual and DMX light control make Kino Flo a favorite choice among 
    lighting professionals.