Kenro Kenair Clean Air Duster Kit

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Kenair emits a powerful but controllable jet. It is used to blow dust, fluff, grit or other unwanted debris from surfaces or cavities. It is used extensively as a cleaning product in the photographic, video / filming industry, computer / electronic maintenance, engineering, hobbyists and a host of other applications. Do not use Kenair for cleaning digital camera sensors or surface coated / camera mirrors or direct onto optics.

This kit includes a Kenair 360ml cartridge and Blue reusable actuator nozzle. 

When the cartridge is empty it can be replaced with a spare cartridge (68792). A spare actuator is also available in blue (68799) or metal (68820).

Do not invert the can when in use.

Kenair is a safe dry CFC and HCFC free gas which complies with EU regulation (EU) No. 517/2014.