DoPchoice SNAPGRID® 4' x 4' Frame 40° (SGF44W40)

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DoPchoice SNAPGRIDS® 4' x 4' 40° for Gel Frames

Snapgrids produce 40-degree coverage and mounts on any 4x4ft Frame (48 x 48 inch). The built-in frame allows for fast set-up without the hassles of "belly sag" when your Lightbank is overhead in a horizontal position.

They are constructed of pre-stretched fireproof fabric with a built-in stainless steel frame. Every Snapgrid comes with its own storage case.

The quick and easy tool to direct your softlight with:

Grids that easily control the spread of the light

Easy as 1,2,3. DoPchoice SNAPGRIDS® mount on the front of a SNAPBAG® or a Gel frame to control the spread of the light. Taking full advantage of DoPchoice’s patented instant set-up and self-tightening internal SNAPFRAMES, a SNAPGRID® practically snaps out of its compact pouch ready to easily attach via hefty elastic strap to the corners of a Gel frame.