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We're more than a Webstore - Call with your queries, we're happy to help

Dedolight Imaging Projector Kit for 'A' Size Light Heads

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$3,051.00 ex. GST
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Imaging Projector Kit for "A" Size Lights (with 185mm lens)


The DP400KU is an entry-level kit for a dedolight Imager projection universal assembly system (gobos, etc). This kit includes everything you need to operate the projector with the Universal assembly, without the light of course.Â

Dedolight has always been committed to making the finest tools for shaping light. That means you have perfect, homogenous light where you want it, and absolute shadow where you want it. Using the DP400 Imaging projector is the best example of that commitment. Most imaging projectors, be they gobos, Irises or shutters, cannot seem to get past nasty chromatic aberrations surrounding edges and warping the light beam. In this regard they also cannot cut perfect resolution of shape edges.

This is where the Dedolight projection system excels: if perfect homogenous light up to your edges is something you've wanted, then this is that system. If absolute resolution and focussing of your shape is something you've wanted, then this is that system. If you want to get rid of power tools to put your imager on your light head, then this is that system. What this all brings is the amount of flexibility needed to achieve your creative vision with the least amount of time, space and gripping all while reaching the highest quality available on the market. Seems like a no-brainer, and once you see it for yourself we doubt you'll disagree.


  • Razor sharp edging: If you want to make your shape in perfect focus, you can. This is perfect light, and perfect shadow where you want it.
  • Perfect Light & Shadow: No chromatic aberrations! Unlike every other light projector, you get clean light around every in-focus edge. No need to pull soft focus to get around poor light quality.
  • Simple Controls: Easily pull lens for soft focus, or use the DPEYESET for edge softening. With this control, you can light a subject as small as a match head, and everything on up.
  • Lightening Quick Application: Install the projector in seconds by simply sliding it to the accessory slot (ex: barn door). No bolting, screwing or tools needed for this.
  • SAVE TIME: Cut your set-up time down immeasurably by controlling light and shadow with laser-like accuracy in seconds.
  • Change Lenses: Use the lens tightening knob to quickly change the lens for image scaling


  • DP400-185 - 185mm lens
  • DP400LH - Lens holder
  • DP400U - Universal slot assembly
  • DP400CON - Condenser lens and head mount
  • DP400GH - A size gobo holder
  • DPGSET400 - 6 popular steel gobos


  • Any "A" size light head - DLH400, DLH652T, DLED9, DLED10

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