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We're more than a Webstore - Call with your queries, we're happy to help

Dedolight 200W HMI Head

Original price $3,412.89 ex. GST - Original price $3,412.89 ex. GST
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$3,412.89 ex. GST
$3,412.89 ex. GST - $3,412.89 ex. GST
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Dedolight HMI Spotlight - 200W

DLH200DT - 200W, HMI Focusing Light Head

The DLH200DT "Sundance" is the same size as the popular Classic DLH4 150w halogen dedolight. Here however, you have an incredible pop of clean daylight with the same "clean beam" you are so used to seeing when you turn on a Classic 150. But the HMI, 200w output increase is remarkable. It's worth mentioning that this light can be run with a tungsten ceramic HMI lamp as well, providing four times the output of traditional tungsten lamps. Using either lamp, the light can be dimmed down to 50% using any of the flicker-free DEB200DT electronic ballasts from 200w to 100w (or 125w using tungsten). All of the attachments you have for your Classic fit this light head as well as the DLED7 and DLED4 (see "M Size" accessories).


DPOW200DT - 23' Head cable
DEB200DT - Control Ballast (or the DEB200DT-BAT for use with external batteries. The DEB200DT-BATAB is another option with gold mount plate for Anton Bauer)


Weight: 2.8 lbs (1600g)

Dimensions: 6.6" Tall x 5.1" Wide x 6.8" Deep

Focus Angle: 48 - 4.5 degrees

Focus Intensity: 1 : 14

Lamp: DL200DHRB Daylight HMI 5600K, DL200THRB Tungsten 3200K

Dimming: 200W - 100W no noticeable change in color

Safety: IP23Â

Cable: 7ft

Mounting: 5/8" diameter stud

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