Dedo DLED 10 Turbo - Daylight

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The DLED10 daylight version lights are extremely powerful, small lights, ideally suited for studio use.

  • These totally new dedolight LED lights offer:
  • Compact construction
  • Aspherical optics
  • Perfect performance
  • Perfect light distribution
  • Perfect color
  • Super quiet, innovative cooling system

Permits the use of the following optical accessories:

  • Non-spherical, wide-angle attachment DLWA400R
  • DP400 imager/projection attachment with interchangeable modules for different tasks and interchangeable lenses. Serves super precise light-/shadow-shaping and projections, the best, west and east of the Mississippi
  • 8-leaf barndoor DBD400
  • Use of different soft boxes with speed ring DLSR8
  • Parallel beam attachment DPBA-14. An amazing optical achievement, doubles the light output and opens the doors to the creative Lightstream system and the work with reflected light.



DLED10-D Light head daylight
DT10 Ballast daylight and mains cable
DPOW10 Cable to light head
DPLS400 Light shield ring
DBD400 8-leaf barn door

The DLED10 lights are extremely powerful compact and versatile. These totally new dedolight LED lights offer: Compact construction, Aspherical optics, Perfect performance, Perfect light distribution, Perfect color, Super quiet, innovative cooling system.