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We're more than a Webstore - Call with your queries, we're happy to help
We're more than a Webstore - Call with your queries, we're happy to help

Dirty Rigger Compact Utility Pouch

Original price $35.82 ex. GST - Original price $35.82 ex. GST
Original price
$35.82 ex. GST
$35.82 ex. GST - $35.82 ex. GST
Current price $35.82 ex. GST

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Compact Versatility.

Our unique design provides essential tool storage in an ultra-compact space. Simply attach it to your belt and you€™ll almost instantly forget it€™s there. This clenched-fist sized pouch utilises every millimetre of space with heavy duty elastic technology which constantly contracts to make the bag no bigger than it ever needs to be. With 6 screw-driver slots, 3 layered pockets and one expandable centre pocket, you€™d be amazed just how much you can get in.

  • Compact expandable storage
  • Shape-mantaining structure
  • Magnetic closure flap
  • 4 external open-bottomed screwdriver pockets
  • 2 internal screwdriver pockets
  • 1 internal back pocket €“ 8cm(H) x 6cm(W)*
  • 1 internal central storage pocket €“ 8cm(H) x 6cm(W) x 5cm(D)*
  • 2 front mounted pockets €“ 7cm(H) x 7cm(W)*
  • Belt loop attachment
  • Ultra-durable 600×600 denier material
  • Unloaded size 14cm(H) x 9.5cm (W) x 5cm (D)*

Pouch contents not included. Measurements are approximate
*Pockets may be more narrow at the base/edge.

Tools stored in open-bottom pockets must be sufficiently wide at the top of the pocket to allow tool retention. Due to variable tolerances in manufacturing, a variation in tool shape and material stretch over time, all tools must be individually inspected to ensure they are held securely in place.

If using this pouch while working at height you should ensure tools are adequately secured and could not become a €˜falling object€™ hazard.


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