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Apollo SmartMove DMX Gobo Rotator

by Apollo
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Apollo SmartMove DMX Gobo Rotator


The Smart Move Vertical is the latest addition to the Smart Move® family of gobo effects devices from Apollo Design. The Vertical inherits the same smart technology found in its rotating siblings.

The Vertical features motion, time, and speed presets that create vertical movement of patterns or text. The special gobo offers multiple image areas that, when combined with the vertical movement, allows one image at a time to be placed in the focal path of the fixture.

The Smart Move® Vertical accepts metal, b/w, and one color glass gobos to produce new and exciting projection possibilities. For retail, tradeshow displays, and corporate event environments, text messages and logos can be projected. In a theatrical application many natural movements not suited to rotational effects can now be produced. Just use your imagination!

The Smart Move® Vertical comes in a DMX or standard version. Both have 17 pre-programmed effects for stand alone operation. Fits ETC Source Four and Altman Shakespeare.


Modes Of Operation:

Stand Alone

The Smart Move® Vertical can operate in stand alone mode or can
be controlled by a lighting console using DMX 512.
For simple operation without DMX control, set the rotary
switches to 701, and then adjust the speed by turning the black
speed control knob clockwise for faster movement or counterclockwise for slower movement. To access the remaining 16
preprogrammed effects, simply set the first rotary switch at 7 and
the remaining two rotary switches to correspond to the effects
listed on the back of the unit.

DMX Control

The Smart Move® Vertical DMX allows three modes of operation
and requires 3 channels of DMX when used with a lighting desk.

Vertical Mode

This mode moves the gobo in a continuous cycle from .25 to 60
strokes per minute. In this mode of operation, set:
DMX channel 3 at 0
DMX channel 2 at 0
DMX channel 1 at 1-100% to set speed

Indexing Mode

This mode allows the user to position the gobo at any of the 200
positions in the stroke. In this mode of operation, set:
DMX Channel 3 at 0
DMX Channel 2 at 1-100% to set speed
DMX Channel 1 at 1-100% to set position