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Dirty Rigger Additional Tool Loops

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Tool Loops 
The Dirty Rigger® detachable tool loops used with Dirty Rigger® Tool Lanyard 3102, allows you to work with hand tools which remain securely tethered either to the Octo-Pouch, LED Chest Rig or a Tool Belt, helping to minimise injury and maximising productivity by avoiding dropped tools. The quick release buckle allows users to exchange tools using the interchangeable loops.

Comprises of: Detachable tool loops for Tool lanyard 3012 and Octo-Pouch Kit
Qty: Pack of 3 loops
Material: Heavy duty stretch cord with nylon covering
Colour: Black with reflective fibre stitching
Uses: Tool restraint (2.3 kg max working capacity) when working at height
Trademark: Dirty Rigger®

–  Heavy duty stretch cord
–  Heavy duty nylon covering
–  Reflective fibre stitching
–  Quick release buckle attachment system
–  Compatible with Dirty Rigger® Tool Lanyard 3012
–  Maximum working capacity 2.3kg/5lbs

IMPORTANT: This item is designed for tool attachment only and NOT Personal Fall Protection.


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