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We're open under Level Orange for masked pickup.

Dedolight 3 Light Kit - 90w Bi-Color DLED7-BI Turbo Focusing LED Lights with AC Ballasts, DP1.1 projector, and Accessories


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3 Light Kit - 90w Bi-Color DLED7-BI Turbo Focusing LED Lights with AC Ballasts, DP1.1 projector, and Accessories

The most versatile three light head kit on the market, the KLT7-BI covers any three-point lighting setup you can throw at it. Along with the three light heads, their ballasts, and standard accessories like barn doors and light shield rings, this is a great starter kit for anyone who doesn't own a DP1.1 imaging projector. Any dedo user will tell you that having at least one projector for their dedos is a must, and this set up comes with the gobos, color filters and gel sets and their holders needed to make the it shine out of the box. You'll want to build on this set with other optional accessories, but this is a masterful starting point!


  • 3 - DLED7-BI - 90w, bicolor focusing LED light heads
  • 3 - DT7-BI - AC ballasts
  • 3 - DPLS - Light shield rings
  • 3 - DBD8 - Standard barn door (eight leaves)
  • 2 - DSBSXS mini soft box, 30x30x23cm (12x12x9“)
  • 2 - DLSR70 - Speed rings for DSBSXS mini soft box
  • 2 - DLGRIDXS - Grid (40°), egg crate (fits DSBSXS mini soft box)
  • 1 - DP1.1 - Imager projection attachment
  • 1 - DPGH - Steel gobo holder (size M)
  • 1 - DPGSET - Gobo set (six popular steel gobos, size M)
  • 3 - DFH - Gel filter holder
  • 1 - DGW Gel filter set, warm tone (fits Classic Series filter holder)
  • 1 - DGMD - Gel filter set, mixed diffusion (fits Classic Series filter holder)
  • 1 - DGCOL - Gel filter set, color effect (fits Classic Series filter holder)
  • 3 - DFX - Structural glass filters with holder
  • 2 - DPACP - Accessory pouch
  • 1 - CLAMP1 - dedolight clamp
  • 3 - DST - dedolight stands
  • 1 - DCHDW1 - Hard case with handle and wheels

Kit size: 57.9 x 46.5 x 29.7 cm (22.8 x 18.3 x 11.7“)

Weight: 19.90 kg (43.9 lbs)

Colour Temperature
Continuous adjustment from 2700-6500k

Max power consumption 90w, alternating between two, 90w light sources (2x 90w)

Focus Control
60°- 6° (1:20) -Â Double helix focusing control, moves body and head away from one another with 3/4 turns. (With optional DLWAR optical aspheric wide-angle attachment, take the wide angle from 54°-90°)
Cooling Active silent fan cooling
Dual 5/8" (16mm) vertical or horizontal receptacles, or 1-1/8" (28mm) stud
Operating Position Any position
Accessory Holder 3" (76mm) diameter
Tilt Control Permanent friction
Safety Protection Class III, SLEV, IP20
Weight 2.9 lb (1300g)
UV No UV radiation

Dimming Continuous - 0 - 100%
Max Power 90w
Power Supply AC NZ integrated power cable
Input Voltage
90 - 264 V AC
Color Control
Continuous - 2700-6500k
Two digit display for dimming "0-99", and color "27-65"
10.35" x 2.8" x 2
3.1 lbs
Cables Light head cable integrated