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We're more than a Webstore - Call with your queries, we're happy to help

Philips Selecon Rama 150mm 7°-50° Standard Fresnel

by Selecon
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$921.19 ex. GST
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Lens luminaires for the 21st century
From stage wash to dramatic highlight with just one luminaire

Saturated stage colour washes and dramatic highlighting capabilities are the result of combining a high quality, industry standard 150mm / 6" lens with engineering excellence.

A smarter choice than a Par or Fixed Beam due to superior control and light quality.

Light Speed at Your Fingertips!

Lens luminaires are the simplest and most versatile fixtures with which to creatively light your stage.

The Rama Fresnel's adjustable cone of light (7º to 50º) has a soft edge with little light scatter, easily blended with adjacent beams to provide even illumination for general stage lighting applications, side, top and back light angles.

Blend / Shape / Soften

A soft-edged beam is the one required most often when lighting the stage €“ no need for frost filters to soften hard edges or to smooth out irregularities/hot spots in the beam. Shape the light by masking parts of the beam using the four-leaf barndoor accessory which mounts on the front and rotates around the axis.


      • Useful throw distances : 4-18m / 13-59ft.
      • Adjustable beam angle range of 7º to 50º.
      • Modern compact design: exploiting today€™s advanced materials to control the heat away from the operator controls €“ student friendly!
      • Constructed of aluminium extrusion and moulded engineering plastics.
      • Affordable.


      • Tilt and focus scale is in real degrees allowing for accurate presetting.
      • Simply slide the heat-insulated focus knob to the beam angle you require. Quick, easy and convenient - a task achieved in seconds without the use of tools.
      • Unique posi-slide lamp / lens focus action and spring dampening design minimises sticking and vibration, maximising lamp life. No metal to metal contact.
      • Fast Focus Pan accessory - a simple, precise and economic means for pan pre-setting before flying the bar out saving labour and focus time costs.
      • Effectively shape / mask the flood to medium spot beam using the four-flap barndoor accessory.


      • Improved filter life through the increased airflow of the heat management system.
      • Large, heat-insulated rear grab handle assists with focusing; handy cable (1m/3ft) wrap for safe and tidy storage.
      • Adjustable yoke balance point to achieve and ensure a stable mounting position.
      • Heat-insulated retention cover securely locks accessories in place.


      • Automatic mains power disconnection when the side swing-down door is unlatched for lamp, cleaning or maintenance access.
      • Safe replacement of the lamp without altering the focus position.
      • Integral safety cable design ensures this important accessory is always to hand making it easy to comply with worldwide mandatory and standard practice rigging requirements. It can be kept out of the way simply by pulling it back into the luminaire. Rated for the fitting with a maximum free length = 670mm / 26 3/8". Click here for the rating test certificate, supplied by an independent accredited testing agency (.pdf 91kb).

Supplied with

    • Integral safety cable, 1x colour frame, M12 nut and bolt set, 1m/3ft cable and a short form instruction manual.
    • Three-year Warranty.

Flat even beam with very little spill allows clean masking cut with barndoor flaps

Specifications 16RAFR150PL

Beam angle range 7°-50°
Lens diameter 150mm
Cable length 1m
Lamp sockets

GX 9.5 - factory set for 1200W (adjustable for 1000W

Colour frame size 186mm x 190mm
7 3/8" x 7 1/2" 
Note: All Ramas will fit a US standard 7 1/2" colour frame
Accessories 4-door barndoor / lens safety mesh
Weight 5.3kg
11lb 10oz
Typical performance
Spot 7° - 165,600cd
Flood 50° - 17,640cd
Useful throw distances 4-18m
Standards this product conforms to CE
UL Standard 1573
CSA C22.2 No. 166-MI983

Recommended Lamps


Lamp socket: GX 9.5
400hrs average life
200hrs average life
T/11, T/19 
750hrs average life
200hrs average life