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Gel-Tak Filter Fix Tape

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Gel-Tak is a double-sided tape for filter where quality is paramount. It is extremely thin and highly transparent thus ensuring a clean and shadow-free mounting. It is UV light and age resistant and can be removed easily without leaving adhesive residues. 

Gel Tak has a special adhesive which allows the filter to be removed and re-positioned as many times as required, peeling cleanly away from the glass surface every time and leaving no residue or mess.

Standard dimensions: 12mm on 25m lengths

TECHNICAL DATA (Mean Values) Backing:

Polyester PETP film Colour: Transparent

Thickness*: 0.03mm (without liner)

Liner: Flat white silicone paper

Adhesive: Acrylic

Adhesion Steel/Glass*: 7 N/25mm

Continuous Performance Temperature: 80°C (175°F)

Short Term Temperature Resistance: 200°C (400°F)