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Martin Jem K1 Haze Fluid

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JEM K1 Haze Fluid is a water-based haze formula especially developed for the JEM K1 Haze machine. The fluid is optimized in terms of creating haze with a high degree of uniformity and small particles, perfect for beam, mid-air light effects, projections and laser refraction. Besides delivering a unique effect the K1 Haze Fluid is formulated to generate a long operating and hang time. K1 Haze fluid is extremely economical and should yield a low level of consumption when utilized in the dedicated K1 Hazer.

  • Water-based formula, leaves little or no residue
  • Produced with ultra-pure, de-ionized water
  • Superior hang time and optical clarity
  • Available in various size containers
  • For use in the JEM K1 Haze machine

K1 Haze Fluid is available in 2.5L bottles.

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