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Strand Patt 123 Barndoors by Thomas

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We have some brand new sets of Barn doors for Strand Patt 123 Fresnel made by Thomas. The perfect accessory to your vintage fittings.

Here is the description from the original Strand catalog.


The size of the lens and its break up qualities make it tend to scatter very low intensity light outside the confines of its beam. In most instances on a lighted stage or in a photographic or television studio, this scatter is too slight to matter. However, there will be cases on a dark stage close to a wing or a cyclorama or other backcloth when this stray must be cut off. To do this a Ref. 132 4-door barndoor attachment is clipped to the front and rotated to suit the particular circumstances. Any or all of the doors can be moved and used in conjunction with the focusing on the lantern to confine the beam and stray light to the area required.

KEL Code: 69849