Kupo Parcan Par56 Silver

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Our par 56 Par cans from Kupo are made to NZ specifications and come with a parsafe cover over the lamp holder that earths to the shell.

The classic and functional form of ParCans have been established in the
Rock€™n Roll world. Kupo ParCan is manufactured from high quality spun
aluminum for maximum durability.

- Aircraft Grade Rivets
- Spring Loaded 4th Gel Clip
- Gel Clip 1.8 mm Thick
- Barrel 1.5 mm Thick
- Innovative Yoke Locking Device
- PG11 Strain Relief with UL, CSA, VDE Approval
- Rolled Lip on Focus Hole
- Safety Wire
- Yoke Smooth Surface 32 mm Wide
- Supplied with Square Colour Frame

This fitting can take your choice of 300w lamp
- Wide flood
- Medium flood
- Narrow spot