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Happy New Year - We are back from Holidays - give us a call.
Happy New Year - We are back from Holidays - give us a call.

Philips Entertainment Lighting NZ - Business as usual

Selecon, Strand, Showline, and VARI*LITE brands will continue to be available in New Zealand through their new master distributor, Kenderdine Electrical.

Philips Entertainment NZ Distributor is Kenderdine Electrical

We have been great supporters of Selecon since the very beginning. 

Now more than 50 years later we are delighted to continue supporting Selecon’s great legacy in the NZ market.  We have also represented Strand in New Zealand since 1990.

The doors may be shutting in Albany on April 27th, but we will be open for business come April 30th at Cook St. 

As Philips Entertainment’s Master Distributor for NZ you can buy direct from us or from your favourite existing Selecon dealer.  

You will still be able to get your gel and other consumables from us as well.  We have all of the current stock of Rosco products available.  This is in addition to our existing consumables range.

The 0800Selecon phone number will connect you directly to us.

You can be sure of the continuity of Sales and Service Support from the network you trust, for the lighting and control equipment you know and love.

Any questions? Please get in touch.
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