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Happy New Year - We are back from Holidays - give us a call.
Happy New Year - We are back from Holidays - give us a call.
Make us an offer

Make us an offer

Wow, it's time consuming listing things on Trademe!

When you've been in business as long as we have you've seen technologies come and go. We've got spares and accessories and lights from the past 60 years.  Now we love storing it, we love selling it, but we hate moving it... and with the biggest move in our history coming you can understand why we are keen to see stuff move, so make an offer.... 

We realised we needed a faster way to let you know what's available in our moving sale. So we have compiled some light reading for you of what we have on hand for this garage sale. It's SEVERAL pages long.

We've also decided you can make us a offer on anything. Of course we will be open to varying degrees of bargain hunting for various items. You're probably not going to get 95% off a roll of black gaffer.

There will be stuff that has been missed off these lists - so if you're after anything in particular please give us a call.

We have installed a nifty Make an Offer app on the webstore too - however like Trademe it takes a while to roll that all out. So currently look at our Sale Collection to see that in action - for everything else drop us a line.

In the meantime here are the lists...

KEL Luminaires & Accessories

PLS Luminaires & Accessories

KEL Hardware

PLS  Hardware

KEL Dimmers & Control

KEL Spare Parts PLS  Spare Parts


E&OE - The List price and the quantities are there to give you guidelines. They will of course change. We reserve the right to accept or reject any offer. Offer price only applies to stock on hand.  Contact the sales team to get the ball rolling.  +64-9-302 4200

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